every hour wounds, the last one kills.
-Neil Gaiman

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I really felt bad for yelling at my dad today. I have no right to do that. They’re parents after all. I said sorry but that isn’t enough. What a weak person I am yelling instead of thinking.

Early morning rant

Why do people think that I study too much? If only they can see what I do the whole day: chilling like a moron. I mean, it’s insulting really to assume that I study because I do not and this is not a defensive stance. What if people ask me about stuff and I can’t answer? This made me feel inadequate the previous weeks. Not that I don’t study. It’s not that I study much either. But thinking that I do not have a life besides school, that is wrong. This is a year to absorb information because the BIG DAY is fast approaching but it doesn’t mean that I have to kill myself for that. I have a life people no matter how boring it is.


X-Men: Days of Future Past,Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver,Evan Peters.by疾速k…it is Amazing。。。


X-Men: Days of Future Past,Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver,Evan Peters.by疾速k…it is Amazing。。。

midweek laziness and forming habits

I made it through a week of waking up early and by early I mean before 8 am. 53 days to go before this becomes a habit. What I did not know about waking up early is that more things must be done and I am not used to doing anything productive. The past few days were tough but I made it. The problem is I feel lazy today (lazier than when I usually wake up at noon]. Given the review classes and all the errands I haven’t accomplish anything today despite waking up early. That is frustrating. I still need to go to class and finish all chores before the designated sleeping time. Lalala. I’m thinking about going back to the old habit but I should not.

and the n months of raining already began

so with classes.

it’s silly not to post about another milestone. that I’ve reached the 7th out of eight semesters. It has been tough those three years and I think I got the hang of it. Another year of reading and wrecking brains ahead but I just ask the heavens for more strength. it will be another tough year but it will eventually pass and I hope to reach the finish line. woohoo. more tears and frustrations but in the end I hope it would all be worth it.

On setting goals and being halfway there

I’ve set a goal to read at least 20 books this year and I’m happy to start the second half. I’m happy because I was able to add some things to my imaginary book shelf  this year even with acads and jobs and chores. I hope to finish all the books which collect dusts every day. whew.

little brother how I envy you

I envy you for being reckless but happy. More so because you don’t care what other people would think and you can act freely. You said that I should do the things that will make me happy even if other people disapprove. I’m not as bold as you are to live with a philosophy like that so I envy and admire you. I have been at a crossroad today choosing between family road trip and a temp job. I would choose family but given today’s events I chose the job. You said that I shouldn’t care what they would say making my decision easier. Okay. They are furious with my decision but I know that I will be happier in the long run. Still, I cannot be at ease knowing someone is mad at me. I’m vain that way. I want to be free and happy and reckless like you and I took the first step today. Whew.

And I live by this quote…

"Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved I did not say so"

I’m pathetic like this but who knows FedEx will bring you in a box? 

the online stalker in me still lives

After an hour, I was able to find a person’s account without knowing his/her name. I found pictures and some of the good stuff and I’ll download it soon. This is creepy but at least I can sleep happy. Weeee!

Day 5… On changing the world and having a fun summer

We want to change the world in our own silly ways. Summer class ended today but the fight for clean air won’t. I really had a nice time with these people and in a few weeks we’ll all go back to the reality that is law school. Enough literature for two months.